Dairy Free for 1 year!

Well, here we are, one year later. I found out right around this time last year that my blood tests came back with high sensitivity to dairy. I started to slowly wean myself off, realizing how much I used to rely on cheese for a snack and butter for baking. I got over milk a long time ago, but the butter and cheese were hard for me. Even harder was finding hidden sources of dairy in gluten free breads, margarine or buttery spread that I thought had no dairy, and people who thought butter was not a dairy product. Ice cream wasn’t too huge of a deal either. I mean I loved the gourmet stuff, like slow-churned, fresh made ice cream, but I didn’t go ga-ga over Ben and Jerry’s, in fact, I’d often have 3-4 containers 3/4 full in the freezer, all covered with frosted icicles because I had eaten a little and then wasn’t interested in the flavor enough to keep going. Luckily one of my favorite frozen treats, sorbet, is naturally dairy and gluten free, so I often just load up on my favorite fruit flavors at the grocery store: mango; raspberry; lemon; blood orange. Mmmm. I tried out the dairy-free ice cream available at the store, mostly just vanilla flavor, in soy, rice, and coconut milk varieties, but I wasn’t impressed with the flavors. Not quite creamy enough.

For my birthday, my sweet grandmother bought me the Kitchen-Aid ice cream bowl attachment. I was super stoked because we used to make homemade ice cream growing up and so I knew this was something I wanted to hack. To celebrate my first year as a dairy-free citizen I thought I’d share a new favorite dairy-free ice cream recipe with you. At this point in my life, I’m trying to avoid refined sugars to keep my blood sugar stable, so a lot of the recipes I use have honey or maple syrup for sweetener.

This one is a creamy dream that’s sweet and tart – Strawberry Rhubarb Coconut milk ice cream. Taste tested and approved by a skeptical 5-year-old kid of my close friend. That’s a win in my book! The recipe comes from A mom on a mission. Follow the link to get the recipe!

The one change I made, is I added a shot of triple sec to help with the hard freezing issue, and it’s perfect, comes out of the container easier and improves the texture and prevents ice crystals.


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