Blueberry Cashew Milk Popsicles

The previous post just led so gracefully into this one that I couldn’t help but post anything else. Just a logical progression. Thus it is almost Halloween and you are getting a popsicle recipe. TOTALLY logical, right?

So at the end of the week I had not finished my homemade cashew milk, and I stumbled upon this recipe. Sheer dumb luck. I don’t stumble across many recipes calling for cashew milk and happen to have it in my freezer. Not to mention the bag of frozen wild blueberries.

So the only, slightly tiny change that I made to this recipe is, I added a pinch of cloves. It was pure instinct. The interesting part is when combined with the blueberries, it has an almost root-beer-like taste. These popsicles are just slightly sweet and refreshingly creamy. They are everything I want in a popsicle. Shameless and yummy.

Follow this link to get the recipe: Beard + Bonnet

Blueberry cashew milk popsicle

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