Honey Mustard Green Beans, gluten free, dairy free

Hello Friends! It’s been a while. So I have been stalling on posting to the blog forever for the simple fact that I’m bad at taking pictures while I’m cooking, and I’m also bad at making the same thing more than once. See this is more of a hobby for me (not cooking, but blogging!), I have a full time job and there is knitting to be done and kitties to pet. Excuses aside, I’m going to start posting whether I have a good photo or not. Mabye I’ll get a better one down the line.

So here you go, a photo with green beans in it, not even the same recipe. I will work on this. Sigh…

Cherry Pork with green beans

Especially from this dish. This is one of my favorite veggie side dishes of all time. In fact, I might just make someone eat these around Thanksgiving instead of green bean casserole. Look out people! This is a nice easy side dish, and it goes great with anything (especially chicken).


– 2 lbs. fresh green beans

– 3 TBSP. olive oil

– 1/3 c. honey

– 1/3 c. stone ground, brown, or Dijon mustard

– salt and pepper to taste


In a 2″ deep pan with a lid (or a dutch oven) heat the oil over medium heat. While the oil warms, wash the green beans and trim the ends. Feel free to cut them in half for easier eating.

Add the green beans to the hot oil and stir for about 5-10 minutes allowing them to brown slightly. Add approximately 1/2 cup water to the pan and cover tightly. Cook for about 10 minutes or until the beans are still slightly crisp. Remove the lid and add the honey mustard mixture. Cook until the sauce starts to caramelize and thicken. Serve!

Serves 4 as a small side dish.

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