Welcome to the Food Desert! My name is Megan and I know it’s lonely out there with your food allergies in this era of socialized eating. Trying to hang out with your friends while they enjoy things that would make you sick can be hard to deal with, but you are not alone. Some of us are lucky enough to have friends that are willing to make foods to accommodate our needs.

One of the intentions of this site is to help those wonderful friends find simple ways to make substitutes. A lot of gluten-free and dairy-free cooking is overly complex with a list of ingredients long enough to make you go cross-eyed, and hard to find in the common grocery store.

Another focus of this site is rural living. Some of us don’t have the benefit of making a quick trip to Whole Foods to pick up some Xanthan Gum or Tapioca Starch, so I try to focus on things that are easy to get a hold of and are usable in the common household.

Thanks for stopping by, time to get cooking!

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