Unexpected sources of gluten and dairy

Gluten – Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is an unexpected source of gluten because it is fermented with wheat. Most soy sauce will have wheat listed in the ingredients. However don’t dismay! There are gluten free soy sauces on the market now and soy alternatives like Tamari sauce and Braggs Aminos. You can probably find Tamari in an Asian Market or the Asian foods section of the grocery store, and I have found Braggs in a health food store.

Dairy – Margarine

Not all margarine is dairy free! I tend to check the label every time I buy it just in case they change their formulas.  Look for ingredients like Whey or milk fat. I buy Smart Balance Lite and Earth Balance vegan butter. Shortening is ok to use also and I think it bakes better than margarine, but it never hurts to double check the label!

Gluten – Barley or Barley Malt

Barley malt is used as a coating, coloring, and flavoring in LOTS of things. Did you know that Rice Krispies cereal is not gluten free (although they do have a gf version) because it has barley malt. Some alcoholic ciders have barley malt for coloring, so make sure to choose one that says that it’s gluten free. Some other hidden sources of barley are in herbal vitamins and teas. Watch out for Yogi Tea, Stomach Ease. A tea you think could help settle your stomach after getting some gluten could actually make it a lot worse. Also malt vinegar, sometimes used on salt and vinegar chips can cause a reaction.

Gluten and Dairy – Chips

Chips can be really tricky. Lots of flavored chips have milk products in them. Doritos are a huge no-no! And steer clear of multi-grain chips unless they specify they are gluten free or have no wheat products in them. Regular corn chips and regular potato chips are usually safe. Ask your friend about their sensitivity. Many people can’t even tolerate food that was on the same equipment as wheat or dairy. Luckily most people who have these allergies know what will make them sick and won’t eat a chip that they aren’t sure about.

Dairy (and sometimes gluten) – Chocolate

This may be obvious to some, but it is very hard to find chocolate without dairy products in it. I find that baking chocolate is one of the more accessible forms of chocolate, but some of you may have reliable access to dairy-free chocolate chips. There are lots of candy bars that may also contain gluten, so it’s best to check the label. Some candy bars may be gluten free regularly, but when they make cool holiday shapes like eggs for Easter or trees for Christmas, they change the formulas and they may contain gluten.

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